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Week 1 - Essay Example

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Even though classic film noir is generally associated with films that are from the 1930’s and 1940’s, Polanski’s Chinatown stands out to one of the contemporary works that can be associated with the noir form as well as style. This masterpiece, however, breaks some rules…
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Week 1
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Download file to see previous pages Chinatown first noticeable thematic device is the presence of an anti-hero protagonist who, although is basically a good guy, makes questionable moral decisions. Gittes comes out as the prototypical noir style detective (Miller, Vandome and McBrewster 15). He is a solitary searching hero who comes out as someone with questionable moral attitude.Gittes indecisive morals are most of the times augmented and reflected in the people that are around him throughout the film. He is the good guy of the film, but his big ego at times drives him in making decisions that are questionable. This private investigator finds himself following his ego and ends up thinking he is ahead of the rest when in real sense he is the one who has been left behind. Gittes desperation in trying to assist the femme fatale of the film results in ruining her. Apart from the inducts of the anti hero protagonist, he comes out as a good guy.
The plot of this film is full of deceit, greed and murder (Miller, Vandome and McBrewster 10). The audience is told the story through the central character who happens to be a former cop turned private detective. The good guy of the film, Gittes, tries very hard to seek the truth and to try to ensure that the good morals that are lacking in some characters are restored.. He starts with a case of adultery, but ends up getting caught in the middle of murder cases as well as the lies and conspiracies that appear to be entwined into the evil side of humanity. This investigator finds himself in more criminal case when he finally meets Evelyn. He entangles himself in case of corruption and even falls for Evelyn making the issues even more complicated and leaving the viewers questioning his decisions (Miller, Vandome and McBrewster 10).
China town, though a film that was shot in the 1974, still has some feelings associated with the traditional film noir style. Some of the feeling can be traced to the cinematography that has been ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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