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For Classical Argument Paper - Annotated Bibliography Example

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(2014, July 2). “Is this wise? Controversial scientist recreates pandemic flu virus that killed 500,000 people… except it’s WORSE.” Daily Mail. Retrieved on 5 July, 2014 from…
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Annotated Bibliography for Classical Argument Paper
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Download file to see previous pages He had aimed at converting the virus into its own pre-pandemic state so that he could determine how it has changed over the past four years. According to the article, the virus that has been tweaked would make the inhabitants of the world vulnerable in the event that it escaped from the laboratory. The article goes further to state that the official at the University of Wisconsin have reassured the public that there is minimal risk of the virus finding its way out of the laboratory. The University considers the manipulation of the virus as a way of finding out how the virus can be dealt with and come up with changes that will make it less dangerous for human beings.
This article will be used to (Farberov, 2014) that there are virus that have been modified such as the 2009 pandemic influenza that killed nearly half a million people globally to make it resistant to human immune system.
The book focuses on immortality and whether it is a good thing as well as what you do once you acquire it. The protagonist in Lapin (2009) is a researcher in genetics known as Adam Boatwright and the immortality that he possesses is the kind that is achieved by not aging that he has discovered using his own technique. The book is among the Boatwright chronicles and this means that by the end of the book the reader will not have discovered if Adam is able to handle his condition of not aging. Adam is motivated in his research by his will to safeguard just his wife from breast cancer and throughout the novel, he pursues this agenda. Adam holds his wife in high esteem and listens to her ideas as well as taking her to an expedition that she has not prepared for. According to the author, the novel is not a sci-fi but it can be seen to treat themes of sci-fi and others that are not permissible in real life.
The book by Lapin (2009) will be used to show that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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