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Examine the relationship between content and form in any of the texts, photographs, or portfolios in the section - Essay Example

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Semantics is considered to be the science that concentrates attention on substance of objects and diversity of relationships between these two ideas (Durant and Fabb, 141). We…
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Examine the relationship between content and form in any of the texts, photographs, or portfolios in the section
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Download file to see previous pages The individual insight with a subjective value is inevitable.
For instance, on the first photo we may observe people against the background of Leaning Tower of Pisa. They make a picture of memorable moment in their life and stay in famous position showing a person who preserves a Tower. For some people it is just a tourist who made a funny picture, for others it is a close friend who visits a historical place of interest. As for the person who is in the photo is it some other connotation with a special meaning. The second photo represents the tourist group in front of the Temple of Athena. Still, the foreground of the picture involves a person who makes the photo of this people. It may be the tourist from this group, or a guide of the excursion or even a random tripper with no relation to this exact group. A man is a form while the variety of contents is different to any possible viewer.
The second important thing is the origin and types of occurred meanings that appear in the process of perception and interpretation of creation. The question of origin is coherent and logical. It depends from the observer and predetermines by his/her social, cultural, intellectual and other competencies (Durant and Fabb, 142). What is more, every person attains individual perception that is fully subjective. It is clear that people who visit historical places what are in the pictures will acquire rather sundry connotations than those who dream to make a vacation in these places.
As for the types of meaning it is rather controversial. Recent research investigations divide this huge variety of connotations on two basic kinds. Peirce identifies coded and non-coded relationships between form and content (Durant and Fabb, 142). Still, these types may mix, and one connotation may contract both types or interchange it according to some ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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