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How to make a new friends - Essay Example

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There are factors including gender, age, social status and one’s personality that tend varies among individuals. It is worth understanding making a friend is not…
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How to make a new friends
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Download file to see previous pages Getting more out of the current relationship and meeting entirely new people can go a long way because many people find it uneasy to access potential new friends.
According to “Better Health Channel” meeting new friends requires an individual to have lots of potential friends around them and make effort to know and understand them on a daily basis (Web). Pulling out of day-to-day routine is essential in meeting new friends especially by participating in hobbies or communities where one can naturally meet new people. Getting involved in people-oriented activities may help in knowing new people sharing many things in common as yours. Meeting someone new for the first time initially requires that you talk to them about common things such as weather, hobby, politics or a sporting event (Rubin Web). Initiating small talk naturally may help in giving a good impression to the person who will in turn be free to share with you because you are approachable. There must be a consistent style of contacting the person even after the first impression because meeting afterwards strengthens the relationship and enables the two becoming more close to each other. Another best way of maintaining a closer relationship is constant communication through cell phone and social networking although face to face is the sure way to improve relationship into a new friend.
According to Rubin, inviting potential friends to do something together or hanging out and doing something outside of the situation you met may is an important experience in strengthening the relationship (Web). Although most people may find it a little hesitant to invite people out because it is a little scary at first and because of risk of rejection, it is not as bad as asking someone out on a date; it is much simpler. It also depends mostly on how you met since some people may be invited out fairly while others may be waited for a while, for example a month before ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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