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English Paper on Sunday Morning and Swan and Shadow - Essay Example

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The shape of the poem and its lush language put it in a unique category of poems (Fletcher). This poem has no stanza-based structure but even then, it grabs the attention of the readers because of its style and shape. The…
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English Paper on Sunday Morning and Swan and Shadow
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Download file to see previous pages The drifting of swam through water gives a pleasant feel to the readers as it takes a person to a place of peace where there is no complexity or fear. The way the writer of the poem has structured this poem reflects his creative skills and thoughts. The poem was written in the early 20th century and it shows that the poets of that time had a good sense of innovation and creativity. An interesting point in the poem is that the reflection of swam has not been shown as the reflection of the poem in the water. Had the writer done that, it would have produced a relatively ordinary feeling to the readers. The writer has continued the poem in the reflection instead of showing the reflection of text of the upper part of the poem.
As far as the wording of the poem is concerned, there is not a smooth flow between them. At some points, the words do not seem to be joining with the next coming word but when a reader extracts the meaning of the whole sentence, the construction of words becomes logical. One cannot say that understanding the poem is easy because of the structure of sentences. A reader has to read the poem several times in order to get out of the Hollander’s frustrated and puzzled use of words and sentence construction. The structure of the poem makes it a bit difficult to read in a flow because the poem flows from the head of the swan to the neck and then shifts to the body part, which makes the reading somewhat difficult. A reader can question himself/herself whether he/she is reading the poem in a correct flow or there is some other way to read the poem correctly. Lack of periods and commas also make the reading of the poem more difficult than it actually appears to be.
Continuously passing out memories and inadequacy of the memory to store the scenes form the theme of the poem. The writer might have tried to demonstrate that the world is not as simple as it appears to be. One has to go through various experiences of life to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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