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Make an argument for what you believe the THEME of this short story is - Essay Example

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In the short story, ‘Only Approved Indians Can Play: Made in USA’, the author talks of the problems that Indians face…
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Make an argument for what you believe the THEME of this short story is
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Extract of sample "Make an argument for what you believe the THEME of this short story is"

Download file to see previous pages In my opinion, the main theme in this short story would be the perception that Indians hold about their fellow Indian Americans, which revolves around the issue of class and acceptance, and how most of them would choose to interact with individuals who hold opposing views from what is expected by society (Johansen 347). What this means is that; Indian Americans will only accept their own if they have been accepted by the white man’s social order.
It is through this story that one can see how the Indians learn to see themselves or the changes they wish to see, even if they seem impossible to attain. Countless individuals believe that the Indian Americans themselves have already labeled themselves depending on how society demands (Johansen 352). This is seen through the short story that talks about an Indian American basketball team that is going to face off against another Indian team, but has to overcome challenges in order to play. Before the start of the game, arguments and discussions ensue over the authenticity of one group of the Indian players. In order to play, it was required that the players had to have BIA enrollment cards, or have at least one-quarter of Indian blood (Forbes 225). In my opinion, it may be difficult to prove how authentic one’s race may be, especially to a group that is of the same race, who consider themselves superior due to various factors.
The irony that arises in this situation is seen in the manner in which these different groups of individuals seem to accept the fact that being labeled is fine, and that it seems to divide them but they do not pay attention to it. It is funny to think of one group of individuals, all minorities, being prejudiced against each other because they do not have their names or enrollment numbers in a government database. This labeling proves that even as the white society left the Indian communities, and all other races alone, fighting and racism would still continue. The only difference ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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