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How Pathos is Used in Advertizing - Essay Example

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Competing firms would take several measures to advertise, defend their products and maintain their profit margins. Advertisers of products now have to use the most strategic method to persuade the consumer of the…
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How Pathos is Used in Advertizing
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Download file to see previous pages Pathos are good at intriguing feelings and can play on factors such as fear, sadness, joy, humor and desires among others. One way to evaluate whether an advertisement put forth and one which uses pathos is effective is to establish whether t evokes a strong emotion for what it is intended. If it fails to, then the campaign itself may be a failure. The art, pictures, language, voice, pitch and words used, whether visible, audible or both help elicit a desired emotion and convince the customer to make a buying decision in favor of it.
The existence of internet technologies today makes it possible for Mc Donald’s to diversify their marketing strategy to various individuals across the world. While certain videos may be expensive to air through the TV broadcasting system internet space is explored to appeal the consumer’s desire for the food products from the chain. On YouTube, the Mc Donald’s advertisement of a smoky Texan burger leaves the consumer in a great desire to taste it. It first shows two men seated on a cab, one leaning while the other one stretches on the bonnet and leans back on the windscreen; what is interesting here is how they seem to enjoy the Texan burger, taking one bite after another. One of the men describes its contents and size as a “big ol’ angus beef patty, big squeeze of smoky BBQ sauce and big bacon” and moves on to squeeze the full burger, which makes the sauce content to spill slowly on the sides (McDonald’s Australia). Just the content of the burger, how the two men are enjoying themselves and squeezing of the burger induces a feeling of the taste, which leaves the person watching with ad salivating and would desire to have it. As if not enough the advert uses an aspect of urgency which is common in pathos. It states, “Try a smoky Texan before it makes tracks” and by the end of the 14 seconds, the advert leaves an impact such that it influences consumer’s buying decision ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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