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Career Colleges: Do they take advantage of low-income students - Essay Example

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The institutions have provided a wide- ranging educational opportunities to low- income students unlike the traditional non- profit colleges…
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Career Colleges: Do they take advantage of low-income students
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Extract of sample "Career Colleges: Do they take advantage of low-income students"

Download file to see previous pages colleges towards low- income students though the following exposition embarks on the merits and counter arguments from the critiques in order to clear the debacle.
Career colleges have increased the number of institutions offering higher education thereby enabling many low- income students to select their career path. The increased number of career colleges has augmented the number of courses offered thereby enabling students from low- income household to undertake their convenient courses that will not burden their pockets. The increased career colleges have led to the development of numerous learning techniques such as on- line learning and flexible hours that have enabled low- income students to access quality education. The increased flexible learning techniques have led to a decrease in the transportation and accommodation cost that otherwise strain the lives of low- income students (Holmes 6). In addition, the notion brings about a strong correlation between training and job requirement, which appeals to a host of scholars.
Critiques argue that the career colleges are profit- oriented institutions that do not care on the quality of education they offer as long as they enrich the proprietors. The notion is not true because an increased number of low- income students are graduating from career colleges and upon employment in the various sectors of the economy, they are performing well (Holmes 4). The numerous legislations and lobbying that have occurred in the United States hindering for- profit colleges from exploiting students dismiss the critique that the institutions are profit- oriented. The career colleges are competing with public institutions for quality education rather than profits since public institutions have recently adopted numerous and flexible learning techniques such as on- line learning.
Career colleges provide a tangible learning experience that helps in augmenting the connection between training and job requirement thereby motivating ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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