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Analyze an interveiew for a communication class - Essay Example

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He is also an inventor in the education systems and a great contributor in technology associated with Microsoft Company. The American individual shares memories with high profile…
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Analyze an interveiew for a communication class
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Download file to see previous pages The interview occurred in New York with a focus on the basic questions. The question included Billy Gate’s personal wealth as a centre of attraction embedded to disapprove common myths. The big question during the introductory part included Billy Gate’s charitable effect. Jorge Ramos inquired the reasons behind Billy’s Gates will to offer support to the poor. The immediate response from the world’s billionaire triggered a diversion in the interview to personal concern over the accumulated wealth. Billy Gates stated over &70 billon as a personal wealth. He also elaborated donations accounted in the health, education and other anti-poverty schemes. According to Billy Gates, wealth is a common talk and everyday conversations. He states “but the money belongs to society, and we will try to invest in breakthroughs and programs that really help the world.” The interview entailed open question at this juncture depicting a far stretched interrogation.
Jorge Ramos uses different aspects of an interview to obtain personal views of Billy Gates, who is the interviewee. This approach serves to effectively address other relevant aspects of interviewing for critical discussions. The nature of open questions used shows that Jorge Ramos researched greatly on Billy Gates. The question on Billy Gates personal wealth justifies the extent of acquired information before the interview. A personal experience with such circumstance included a job interview at a prestigious mall. The interviewer asked questions in a manner suggesting the use of background information. The interview with Billy Gates elaborated different myths perceived by people around the world. Jorge Ramos used different techniques to acquire information from Billy Gates. Ramos employed informal approaches during the interview. Ramos says, “is your plan to give almost everything?” to evoke a clear response from Billy Gates and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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