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Culture and conflicts - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Whether or not they are solely dependent upon culture is the question. Culture can be defined as the meaning an individual, or entity, derives from the cumulative outcomes of knowledge that is acquired from people and its…
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Culture and conflicts
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Download file to see previous pages In her article “Cultures and Conflicts”, Michelle LeBaron deems the terms “conflict” and culture practically inseparable. The American culture, for instance, houses an impressive amalgamation of different cultures due to it being, primarily, a country of immigrants. The intermingling of people from varying cultures may serve as a plus point where generating ideas is concerned but the chances and nature of conflicts arising in such a large community may be equally hazardous. LeBaron also uses the terms such as “cultural messages” and the ideas of “dominant groups” that further enhance the understanding of the relationships between cultures and conflicts.
Culture, according to LeBaron, stretches farther than language, dress, and the background of a person which includes his religion, caste, and other aspects of the background that are generally used to conform an individual to a particular set of belongings. It is the very molding of people into who they are through the general expanse of time, varying circumstances of their socioeconomic condition, sexual preferences and the effect of having lived amidst one or more different kinds of people. When it comes to countries hosting a staggering number of immigrants, this is absolutely true. History is testament to the changing times when class consciousness was clearly distinguished by skin color. During the Colonial era, for instance, rarely was anyone who was not Caucasian a part of the elite – whereas recent times have nearly abolished the line of thought that promotes class consciousness on the basis of skin color. However, this has shifted the nature of conflict from a social to a larger, more technical one: such as financial crises due to the Great Recession.
As the circles of culture get smaller, concepts such “cultural messages” are perceived, where only the group belonging to a particular culture have the inner know how of how their community functions rather than those from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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