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Communication Final Exam - Essay Example

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He came from a family of field workers wherein while growing up, he saw the situations and concerns that motivated him to do his fights and dedicate his life…
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Communication Final Exam
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Download file to see previous pages He organized the National Farm Workers Association in 1962 and the union became known for its use of mass mobilizing method and alliance with other labor organizations. Among his accomplishments are wage increase and improvement of working conditions of farm workers in Arizona, California, Florida and Texas (Foner and Garraty 1991). His legacy includes being a great leader, humanitarian and communicator which expressed his motto “Yes, it can be done!” (Si se puede!). He established projects and continued his advocacies through his foundation regarding labor issues for farmers and received the highest civilian honor from President Clinton in 1994. He helped “ordinary people do extraordinary things” (“About Cesar” Cesar Chavez Foundation).
Kenneth Bancroft Clark was an educator and psychologist who dedicated his life fighting for educational improvement and against racial discrimination of black children. He was the first black professor at the City University of New York. He also became a professor emeritus at City College. He also taught at other educational institution including Harvard, Columbia and University of California. His biggest contribution is in the field of education, overseeing the public education in the state as part of the New York State Board of Regents and as consultant to the personnel department of the U.S. State Department in the 1960s (Associated Press 2005). He was able to uplift his image by fighting racism by being educated. He promoted his campaigns through authoring highly influential books that tackle ghetto life, education and poverty. He became known for advocating integrated schooling. He also cofounded the Northside Center for Child Development which looks after children with personality disturbances (Martin 1994).
Fred Korematsu was a Japanese-American civil rights activist and a National Civil Rights hero (NPR, 2014). He was born in California and one of the 4 children of Japanese immigrants. He ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Communication Final Exam Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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