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Virtual Teams: Review Two Articles - Article Example

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With such developments, numerous organizations have had to change strategies and dynamics of operations to enable them fit into the…
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Virtual Teams: Review Two Articles
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Download file to see previous pages Based on such a perspective, this paper analyzes the effectiveness on the performance of virtual teams through a review of two articles.
One aspect of substantive importance and concern for many organizations is that of the operation structure. Operation structure is ideally an important aspect of considering most especially in the wake of increased globalization and technological advancement. In the article, “An empirical study of best practices in virtual teams,” by Lurey and Raisinghani, it is evident that factors such as increased corporate layoffs that a majority of cooperate organizations are currently experiencing, mergers and acquisitions of two or more organizations, competition, and globalization have indeed opened a new perspective through which to look into aspects such as operation structure. In the diverse and dynamic environment, development of versatile and flexible structures is of substantive importance (Lureya and Raisinghani, 2001). Such a factor has been found to enhance the performance of virtual teams, which has also contributed towards the profitability and service delivery for most organizations that have taken such steps.
Additionally, in the article, “Understanding Virtual Team Performance: A Synthesis of Research on the Effects of Team Design, Emergent Processes, and Emergent States,” by Mortensen Mark, it is indeed clear that virtual teams are ideally of significant importance for the effective performance of any organization, moreover, aspects including the particular design of the virtual team, the emergent processes among other factors, determine significantly the extent to which a virtual team can be effective in its performance and that of the organization . Mortensen goes ahead to state that through the operation of virtual teams, many organizations have been able to overcome a number of obstacles that previously hindered their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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