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Reflection of Past Work - Essay Example

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It is because there were papers that were enjoyable to write while there are other that are a challenge to write. Nevertheless, the process taught me a lot and polished my writing skills.
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Reflection of Past Work
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Download file to see previous pages took the alternative perspective that “peer pressure could act as motivation because it boosts one’s morale in becoming better at certain things. Under motivation children coming financially unstable homes find the momentum to work hard in their academics to get better jobs”. Taking the alternative perspective is not easy because we have to research more in justifying our position.
This however is not the case when we write a narrative such as in the case of A Helping Hand. This piece may be longer to write but is actually a joy to do it. I enjoyed writing it because it allowed me a greater degree of creativity to create my own story. Unlike in editorial where I have to be reasonable in my position, personal narratives are based more on what I feel and think and I do not have to make solid justifications about it for as long as the reader can relate and understand what I am writing. In the first place, the goal of a personal narrative is to reach out and affect the reader and not necessarily convince him or her with my arguments such as in the case of editorials.
Writing about a favourite subject such as the performing arts in the A Day in the Fairytale is also such a joy to write. It is because I just have to write what I felt and saw during that time and need not justify what I think about it such why I enjoy the comical aspect of the dance in the opening curtain of the show. This is fun to write because I only have to focus on the positive aspect of the experience most of the time. If there are negative aspects to it, they are very few if any and are often negligible and overwhelmed by the positive aspects of the experience. For example, the Nutcracker centers around family affair and that theme alone overshadows that not so impressive aspects of the performance. And writing about it is almost without pressure as I just have to relate with the performance.
This however is not the case in writing a technical story such as “What a Flood of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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