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Literature Response - Essay Example

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This research paper "Literature Response Essay" examines numerous thematic issues in clever plots thereby providing an opinionated criticism of the numerous social features. Different short stories analyze numerous features my family and I have experienced in the past and continue to experience…
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Literature Response Essay
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Download file to see previous pages The author introduces numerous characters in a strategic plot thereby developing a series of events and occurrences through the clever plot. Additionally, the author understands the essence of conflicts in sustaining stories. She introduces an antagonist and protagonist in the short story thus developing a story that provides a reflection of my life and the relationship between the members of my family among many other families in the society (Toth 33). Mrs. Louise Mallard, the key character in the short story who is also the protagonist in the story has a heart disease. This compels his family to care for her appropriately in order to cushion from any shocking news that would possibly kill her. The traits of the character coupled with her terminal illness are a resemblance to my mother’s situation. My mother suffers from high blood pressure, a condition the requires a dedicated care and effective handling in order to curb the occurrences of any undesirable uncertainties (Xuding 121). The author of the short story introduces and discusses numerous topical issues in the form of themes. Among the themes in the short story are family conflicts and death. Death is a natural phenomenon that refers to the end of human life. The occurrence of death causes pain to people who suffer from the loss of a beloved one. The reaction of people to the death of a beloved one depends on the nature of the relationship that existed between them. Death is a fundamental social occurrence in every society. The theme of death is evident in the society and in millions of families globally. I remember the death of grandmother, a woman that adored and raised me. The feeling was traumatic and I took several months to recover from her death.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Literature Response Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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