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A Film Review - Essay Example

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She runs as fast as she can as she tries to figure out how to come up with the money. The movie occurs in sequences where the event…
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A Film Review
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Download file to see previous pages All the changes that the characters undergo, however slight it may seem, affects their future and shows how they are all connected and how they affect each other though they may not realize it.
Each of the three attempts to save Manni ends differently but the ability to go back in time and to repeat her day allow her to reconsider her decisions and to make a better one. Along the way she encounters people that she bumps into in the streets and her actions show that time does not only affect her but also these people whose future is projected after their chance meeting. First is the woman who has a baby in the stroller that she bumps into, then the guy who tries to sell her a bike, then Mr. Meyer coming out of a driveway and the bank employee. The other people she sees along the way also have an effect on how she is able to solve the problem and how they interact in her future. Her father and his mistress is an important part of finally having a different decision. Additionally, the slight differences such as the dog on the stairs, the group of nuns, the bank security guard, the old woman Lola asks for time, the ambulance, and the blind lady who lent Manni the phone card all have participations in what happens and how their future play out.
The first attempt is a failure where Lola dies as she comes too late and Manni had already entered the grocery store declaring robbery. At first she goes to her father who is an executive at a large bank but he refuses to give her money and sends her away. When she finds Manni inside blaming her for being too late, she enters and takes a gun she doesn’t know how to operate and Manni tells her to take off the safety. They made a run for it but the police caught up and one was surprised and fired a gun to Lola and she dies. In this first attempt, the woman with the stroller loses her child to child services and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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