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Education in the UAE - Research Paper Example

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This sphere prepares young and perspective workforce for the future laboring in the appropriate field of occupation.
That is why it is important to elaborate a prosperous system of…
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Education in the UAE
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Extract of sample "Education in the UAE"

Download file to see previous pages Educational system in UAE is relatively new and transpires its basic formation in the middle of XX century. “The first real efforts to establish a general educational system came in the 1960s, inspired by British model and financed directly from the treasuries of the emirs” (Kjeilen, n.p.). It is worse to mention that with the independence and consolidation of United Arab Emirates the real start of a modern system of education occurs.
Today UAE educational ranges may be divided into five groups. They are the following: pre-primary education, primary, preparatory, secondary and higher education (Kjeilen, n.p.). Pre-primary education presupposes children’s attending kindergarten and includes younglings of 4-5 age groups. Primary education has its beginning at the age of six and lasts for six years (Kjeilen, n.p.). In these schools, children receive the basic infornation and study general subjects. Preparatory and secondary education follows directly after each other and last six years in general. After finishing these branches pupils obtain Secondary School Leaving Certificate and have a chance to continue education in higher educational institutions or go to some technical schools (Kjeilen, n.p.). Hence, we may argue that people in UAE have a chance to acquire appropriate knowledge for development and progress.
Higher education provides through the number of educational institutions which guarantee students appropriate knowledge due to the chosen subject. “The UAE University in Al Ain was established by the federal government in 1976” (Rojewski, 136). This is considered to be the largest higher educational institution in the country and counts over 16 000 students (Rojewski, 136). This university offers undergraduate and graduate levels together with degree programs for male and female representatives.
The Higher Collages of Technology has founded by the government in 1988 and “consist of 11 collages in six emirates, six collages for female ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Education in the UAE Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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