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Should I study accounting (I will say agree and should give reason.) - Essay Example

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Many professors recommend that every student should adopt accounting as a subject during his or her educational career. Accounting is actually the backbone of the financial world…
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Should I study accounting (I will say agree and should give reason.)
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Extract of sample "Should I study accounting (I will say agree and should give reason.)"

Download file to see previous pages Here the word value means in the monetary terms and also in the behavioral terms. An accountant is a respected person in all the businesses and the organizations. Many authors have listed several reason and advantages to study accountancy as the major subject. The future of an accountant is always secure regarding economic and monetary terms and conditions. The on-job promotions always give an open opportunity for growth and development of any individual and for an accountant there is a variety of promotions during their job trainings. The accountant may be offered a handsome salary package just because of his major studies and the skills and abilities, which he may possess after completing the accounting major. As I am interested in doing my own business, accountancy will also help me regarding all the techniques of the installing and then running any business. Accountancy major actually teaches the tips and tricks to handle or to govern the business in a proper and true direction, hence I chose accounting as my major.
Firstly, I want to say that accounting is a field having a wide scope in many areas of the life or in professional terms we can say in many businesses accounting can be compensated. I am completely satisfied with accounting field and want to continue with it. There are many reasons behind my decision regarding the selection of accounting subject as my major. I am very easy at playing with numbers. From my early educational life, I am always attracted towards mathematical subjects and or we can say numbers and counting. Due to my interest and affiliation with the subject, I decided to take accounting as my major subject. Now at this point of time in my educational career, I must appreciate my decision of taking accounting as a major. This profession does not limit a person to a single line of business but has its roots to the personal finance management as well (Chavez 1981).
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Should I Study Accounting (I Will Say Agree and Should Give reason.) Essay.
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