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Personal REading Project - Research Paper Example

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Grendel, an evil creature uses his rituals to ravage the kingdom controlled by King Hrothgar. Grendel, the monster invades the kingdom and its many men. He does this every night. Beowulf comes in to save the…
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Personal REading Project
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Download file to see previous pages Beowulf is so confident that he uses no weapon to fight with Grendel. He fights barehanded. This results into ripping of his arm. Grendel surrenders and escapes. When he returns, he dies. The king thanks Beowulf for the great work done in defeating the enemy. They take the Grendel’s arm and hang it as a sign of trophy and victory of human nature over an evil creature. The mother to Grendel is angry of her son’s death. She is enraged. She decides to come one night and starts yet another menace mission. She picks one man and eats then runs away. The mother finds the son’s arm that had been in a hall. She gets away with it. The king is upset by the invasion of Grendel’s mother. He once again calls upon Beowulf to come and assist him to destroy the mother (Classen, 2007). The king makes promises to Beowulf in order to encourage him to accomplish the task. He promised him gold, treasures, and alliance with the people of the land. Beowulf comes along with his men and invades the residence of Grendel’s mother. Beowulf swims to where the mother lives. They start fighting. However, he is so unfortunate that he is battered by the woman. Otherwise, she tries to harm him but is unable. Beowulf realizes that the sword does very little to finish her. She makes a mistake of swimming to her battle hall where they continue to fight. He discovers a magic sword on the wall of the battle hall. He grabs the sword and slashes her head resulting into accomplishment of the task. The sword is a special weapon. It had been created by ancient monsters. Beowulf swims around and finds Grendel’s arm. He also finds his body and cuts off his head. He gets away with the head and the arm as trophies of the victory.
Beowulf swims to where his men are waiting. He finds that the king’s men had already left after predicting that Beowulf had been defeated. Beowulf and his men return to Hrothgar. The king rewards him with gold. The king also ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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