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How to make money selling drugs (the movie) - Essay Example

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The film is smartly directed and sharply written which is very compelling and revealing. It is a shocking documentary at the same time in terms of facts of war on drugs…
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How to make money selling drugs (the movie)
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Download file to see previous pages The paper also makes use of a discussion regarding the manner in which the subject of attitude towards the drug war and the attitude towards the United States and the government in terms of drugs. Also, the benefits of selling drugs and the skills needed to sell drugs all over are discussed in this paper.
The increase in drug selling has been addressed in the film with the help of statistical mapping and figures that indicate the measure of people that is escalating dramatically over the years. It should be noted that there has been a number of media productions that have indicated the aspect of drug war in America. However, the film under review has a new dimension to look at the war on drugs in America. The film shows that practitioners are in the law and enforcement agencies. These people are responsible for making sure that the issue of drug dealing is controlled at its source (Cook, 2014). They play an important part in forming an understanding of the drugs network and how different participants play their role in it.
As a matter of example and analysis of the film, it can be said that the character of Ricky Ross is a very good representation of people who were concerned about the deepening critical issue of drug dealing in American society. Another arena to the debate or discussion of drug dealing in America has been presented in the film by stating that more and more money is being poured at this side of the lawmaking institutions. In addition, it can be said that the same amount of money could have been used in any other service or institution of America. Through the help of this viewpoint, the director has been extremely successful in reflecting upon the attitude of the government towards war on drugs. (Cook, 2014)
The benefits of selling drugs are yet another significant aspect that can be noted in the film’s plot. It can be said that the director has highlighted the benefit of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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