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Women's misrepresentation in media - Essay Example

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Advertisements have the most vigorous influence on the signification of most media, which is obtainable to public audience. . In “Two Ways a Women Can Get Hurt” Jean Kilbourne uses advertisements to exemplify the…
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Womens misrepresentation in media
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Extract of sample "Women's misrepresentation in media"

Download file to see previous pages Advertisers usually objectify women in their ads; they portray them as sexual objects. In addition, media value women neither for their achievements nor for intelligence. They are valuable for their youth, look and beauty. Jean Kilboune in and Carmen Sering share the same idea that media tend to represent women inappropriately.
In Kilbourne’s work “ Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt”, the author shows us how these ads attract consumers, then she starts to explain how these ads affect us more than we think. She claims that bodies are portrayed as objects, which leads to sexual harassment. Jean emphasizes that pornographic ads objectifie women. Providing many examples of different ads she proves how ads portray women in inappropriate way, which shapes the attitude towards women in the communities. For instance, an ad for MTV presents young lady with exposed breasts, and the word “Bitch” under her bosom.
Like Jean Kilbourne, Carmen Siering’s work “ Taking a Bite out of Twilight” discusses how the main character Bella is misrepresented. The author also mentions that there are two teams, which are Edward’s and Jacob’s. But there is no team for the girl Bella. Siering writes about how Bella, the main character of the novel, cannot take care of herself. In addition, Bella always needs someone to help her out making her decisions. The idea of “Taking a Bite out of Twilight” goes against the feminism. Furthermore, the author writes about how women are manipulated by men. Bella is represented in the novel as an object or a prize. Siering continues explaining that Stephanie Meyer, who is the author of Twilight, does not comsider Bella to be a personality.
These two works, “Two Way a Woman Can Get Hurt” by Jean Kilbourne and “ Taking a Bite out of Twilight” by Carmen Siering, share the same idea, which is the misrepresentation of women in media. Meg Kamerick also talks about the misrepresentation of women in the work “Woman Should Represent ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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