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Are students benefitted or harmed by general education - Essay Example

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General education can be described as a program that offers a broad array of courses in the sciences and arts to give the students a better educational experience. Sometimes, introductory or basic courses provide fundamental skills in areas such as English, math and the Social…
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Are students benefitted or harmed by general education
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Download file to see previous pages offer students with the needed credentials for their chosen careers, the learning institution still has other roles to play that are important in this globalization era. General education, first, helps the student to become a better person, parent, citizen, spouse, or employee than they would have been otherwise. This is because general education gives students extra information that would not have been included in their specific career courses. Thus, it makes student’s whole-rounded people. The country needs lawyers, scientists, business people, medical professionals, law enforcement professionals and educators and other professionals who have developed critical thinking skills and are conversant with some of the vital aspects of human thinking. The shift toward limited knowledge at the expense of general education does not consider professional critical thinking. Therefore, general education provides such professionals with critical thinking skills in a variety of fields (Goessl).
Secondly, it is important for citizens in a democracy to participate and vote based on good judgment and not centered on the whims of the politicians who try to implement irrational and non-rational persuasions to control the voters. A strong basis in the humanities, arts and sciences as provided by the general education course can help address such issues (Goessl).
Even though the student will not remember much in some coming years about a psychology, philosophy, or physics class, provided as general education, the critical thinking skills that they gain in these divergent fields will serve them well and stay with them throughout their life. These same gained skills can also help the student from being held at ransom by the elusive manipulation that some advertisers use. Therefore, it can be said that some of the courses students learn in general education, which on the outside may appear to be mundane and boring, underneath the surface are actually helpful in developing their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Are Students Benefitted or Harmed by General Education Essay.
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