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One hundred years of solitude draft1 - Research Paper Example

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It tells of the founding patriarchs of the town Mocando, Arcadio Jose Buendia, his wife and first cousin Riohancha in Columbia for a new home and a better life. Along…
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One hundred years of solitude draft1
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Download file to see previous pages From that Island, Arcadio invents a world according to his perceptions. Soon after foundation of Macondo, it became a town frequented by extraordinary and unusual events involving the generations of Buendia Family. The family becomes unwilling to escape the wrath of their self-inflicted misfortunes. Finally, a fierce hurricane destroys the town. At the end of the novel, a descendant of Buendia deciphers an encryption, which generations of the family have failed to decode. The secret message became an informer to the recipients of every misfortune and fortune.
A look at one Hundred Years of Solitude from the theoretical framework of Post Colonial Criticism reveals interesting relationships between the novel and the present day Columbia. From a postcolonial lens, the novel expresses symbolism and metaphors in a way that has much similarity to Columbia. The protagonists in the novel are controlled by the complexity of time and their past. Ghosts throughout the novel follow the characters. The ghosts symbolize the past and the haunting nature the ghosts have over Macondo (García194). The displaced repetition and the ghosts evoked are firmly grounded in the development of Columbian history. Ideological configuration of Columbia ensured that Buendias and Mocondo were always ghosts to some extent. The ghosts are estranged and alienated from history. They represent the victims of harsh reality of colonialism and underdevelopment. Additionally, it represents the ideological illusions, which haunt and reinforce social conditions in the postcolonial Columbia.
Columbia was colonized by Spain. Post-colonialism critical lens upon Columbia interprets the changes and challenges of the colonized Columbia as the effects of its colonization. The core imperative symbols are power and oppression. The goal of this critical lens is to seek and understand the behavior of the Columbian characters and society as a whole. These behaviors and character traits can be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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