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Apply the universal intellectual standards and the elements of thought compare and contrast your home culture (iraqi) with US Army culture - Essay Example

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As a writing foundation, rolling and other countless human inventions, Iraq’s past has shaped the present of U. S. The U. S Department of State is committed in working with Iraq, to preserve and protect the shared…
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Apply the universal intellectual standards and the elements of thought compare and contrast your home culture (iraqi) with US Army culture
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Download file to see previous pages te management planning in Babylon and training Iraq professionals in object talks, statues and sites to pursue special line of study in Erbil institute. The High respect of Iraq is depicted through the America’s projects who are the heirs to a culture and artistic legacy revere throughout the world.
The culture of army profession in U. S is about morals and ethical values. The culture is about the basic elements and fundamental foundation of the profession that is known as trust. The U.S. army cultural value includes duty, loyalty, integrity, homage, integrity, selfless service and individual bravery. These values originate from the central beliefs of American culture. These values describe the depth and substance of American character, which are anchored on the common heritage, sacrifice and history. The Army values of all soldiers are characteristically defined through duty action guide who may be on and off. Moreover, the value shapes the army as a profession, implies what is paramount and influences the daily operations of the army. This value in U.S army guides the personnel’s’ behavior and actions as the United States ambassadors when working closely with partner nations and allies.
The primary and most comprehensive strategy for the army commanders before planning for war is to make a judgment to establish war on which they are embarking on; they should not mistake it for, or turn it to thoughts that are alien. Iraq assumed to have ties and support from the Al-Qaeda terrorist groups. There was also unjustified thought that they had mass destruction arsenals because of the country’s programs of nuclear weapon, chemical and biological programs. They also had long-range missile development programs too. This convinced many that Iraq had reconstituted significant capabilities. In the president’s speech before the U.N, in September 12, the year 2002, Bush requested Iraq to disclose, swear and remove all the related weapons of mass destruction and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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