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How can a city attract tourists - Essay Example

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In other words, the material, social, political spheres and is the epicenter of many of our traditions. Cities are known to be work centers for most of us and where we go to unwind during our free time…
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How can a city attract tourists
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Download file to see previous pages any sources of revenue to a country and the visits by tourists help in boosting the economy also providing dynamism, growth and development (WTO, 2011). The importance of tourism cannot be under-estimated and this is clearly evident in the way massive development in cities to make them admirable is underway for those that are aiming at tourism advancement. A city can therefore attract tourism in ways such as; provision of better infrastructure and adequate transportation, designing of a website to help the visitors with necessary information concerning the city, making the tourism sector multi-seasonal, advertizing the country to the world of what the city has to offer and being in a position to beef up security in the city and beyond for the tourists to be guaranteed of their safety (Buhalis, 2001).
A city can attract tourism through provision of adequate transportation and improved infrastructure (Ashwort & Page, 2011). There is no way a city can make money through tourism, however attractive it may be without good and reliable transport such as; docks with cruise ship modules, region connected roads, bus terminals and train stations that all provide external access to the city which preferably should be within walking distance of the tourists attraction (Bull & Church, 2001). This plays a very big role in the reduction of the amount of local traffic and therefore be an assurance of the tourists reaching their destinations in good time as planned. For moving tourists within attractions, street car depots are recommended as well as for external transport and hotel areas to cut on clogging up of taxis full of tourists in the streets; a thing that should only be realized when there is inadequate public transport. An international airport is equally useful and hugely rewarding, on the positive side, as it contributes to a steady stream of new tourists to the city (Glaeser, 2011).
A website can also be designed with the capability of being reached globally and made ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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