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The Evolution of Modern Astronomy - Essay Example

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In this regard, there have been different researches and critics geared towards providing explanation to the manner through, which issues of astronomy or planetary bodies have…
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The Evolution of Modern Astronomy
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, it shall focus on a rhetorical analysis of Kepler, Hey and Krupp.
There are different modes of expressing information on issues ascribed to astronomy and how this knowledge has been changing from time to time. Different writers and researchers have applied varying modes of communication or language structure to express this information in a manner that creates a great sense of impact. Taking the case of Edward Rosen’s writing that focus on the Three Treaties of Copernicus, Rosen begins by describing different ways through, which different generations made efforts to improve their understanding of the nature of the planetary bodies for instance: He notes that the early ancestors focused on the use of regulatory principles to facilitate their understanding of the celestial bodies, but their efforts were unsuccessful.
Rosen goes further and describe the efforts of Callipus and Euxodus that were directed to explain issues ascribed to the celestial spheres, through the use of centric spheres. However, he alludes that this ideology was also unsuccessful. In order to give a real scenario of how the efforts to facilitate the understanding of planetary bodies have changed, he goes further and describes the use of Planetory Theories that were applied Ptolemy, that basically involved the use of data in a numerical dimension. Although, these efforts as depicted by Rosen in his writing, were unsuccessful and thus created the need for more effective methodologies of understanding the celestial bodies. Taking an analysis of Rosen’s work on the Three Treaties of Copernicus, it is evident that he applies the use of examples indicating different ways through, which generations made efforts to understand the natural structure of celestial bodies.
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