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Reflection on Gained Literary and Writing Skills - Essay Example

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The writer of this essay intends to outline the gained skills concerning writing throughout the English course. Therefore, the writer would summarize a few instances of one's essays in order to illustrate the learned writing techniques and practices…
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Reflection on Gained Literary and Writing Skills
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Download file to see previous pages In my portfolio, I have included technical writing, expository writing, and literary criticism, among other various forms.
For instance, I have used expository writing in an article I wrote titled “what happens in Saudi Arabia every hour?” This can be exhibited by the way that I have given a back story or background information about Saudi Arabia in my introductory paragraph. I have attempted to explore in depth the contrast between the reality in Saudi Arabia and the perceived image that most people might have about Saudi Arabia. Many people around the world are misinformed and deem Saudi Arabia as a bad and an inhabitable place. In my essay, I have expounded in the good and the bad regarding the country. Additionally, I have expounded on the fact that deaths from road accidents in Saudi Arabia have been on the rise by providing statistics from previous years to support my thesis.
I used research in this paper to incorporate outside information into my analysis that supports the topic I was dealing with. The assessment made from the research I carried out when writing the essay remains one of my favorite parts of the paper. I have carefully observed reports by Joffe Walts on how most of the accidents in Saudi Arabia mostly claimed the lives youth more than any other group. The statistics showed that road accidents were the number one cause of most death among Saudi Arabian adult males. The females are spared as society forbids women from driving vehicles.
Through the conclusion to the essay that I wrote, I am in a better position now to provoke the thoughts of readers through the use of rhetorical questions regarding statistics of the death toll from road accidents. The reader is compelled into thought when reading through the rhetorical questions employed. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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