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Letter to a video game character or author - Essay Example

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First of all, I would like to commend you for showing such a remarkably pleasing and kind personality. You have been very kind to your brother. You have been very protecting to him. I think that is what all sisters are supposed to do to their siblings. I understand your role…
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Letter to a video game character or author
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Download file to see previous pages This is the reason why you always have a hard time in the battleground.
I am stunned at the unconventionality of your inclusion in the troops of galactic armies because you simply do not possess the usual characteristics of warriors going into wars. I have been contemplating about what could be your true role in the battle? Well, I guess everything needs balance in order to make things work properly. It cannot be all vicious and undesirable. I know your brother Peter has been very bad to Ender ever since and being a young kid that he is, he needs some sort of love and care. I guess that is your greatest role on the ground, that is, to show love and compassion to your brother Ender. He needs your support in order to succeed in the battle.
I am also not certain about how you feel about your brother, Peter. While he does not mention about slaying you and Ender, it seems to me that he has this thought wandering inside his mind. But still you are showing a certain level of kindness that is way beyond human nature. But here is the thing: I don’t think you should always be nice to your brother Peter. You should also show him that what he is doing is not right and needs to be rectified.
I want to share to you what I think about your situation. I don’t think that it is our responsibility to “always” be kind to our siblings. We do not always get the best kinds: there can be the most ruthless siblings in the family, and oftentimes, if not always, they do have bad intentions for us. In this case, Ender is an exception. We both know how good he is, even to his brother Peter. But I would like to suggest about how you should deal with your brother Peter. First, you cannot allow him to threaten Ender or you all the time. If he is showing such an attitude, this could mean that he really does not treat you as a family. Do not be always nice to him; ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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