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Various suggested topics - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Fear has some stages and classified in few different types. There are many factors that cause fear and because it is a temporary sense it…
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Various suggested topics
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Download file to see previous pages Dr. Ivan Kos came up with some stages of fear. They include real fear that is based on a real situation. One example of a real fear is when one hurts someone, he all she has a reason to fear it in the future. The second stage of fear is called realistic; it is a stage that is based on the reality that leads to a person to avoid a threat in the first instant. An example of this stage is when one waiting for a train to have its way for safety reasons. The last stage of fear that Do Ivan came with is emotional fear and mostly it is related to conflict.
Different factors cause fear. One of the factors is fear of losing identity; people identify themselves in very many different ways e.g. based on culture, race and others by religion. Thus, any threats to this identity because many fears to individuals such as fear of future oppression by any groups of people. A good example is of the day today when people that religious fear that young people might abandon their religion leaving the media to be the most important and influential in the lives of the children which seems that they are losing control of their future lives, these is a clear threat to identity. Ethnic conflicts are rampant all over the world. The conflicts results to oppression feelings of discrimination, persecution of some groups of people that leads to fear of the same wrongdoing in the future. According to the biological perspective the three basic things that causes stress is overstimulation which refers to a situation when one is full of information, cognitive incongruity which refers to a situation when a person has difficulty reconciling with some event, for example, the loss of a parent and ultimately response unavailability that is known to be a state when one is unable to handle a difficult situation.
Fear matters a lot in the life of an individual. Emotions like fear can cause unusual behavior that can result in intensifying conflict ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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