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Project 5 - Essay Example

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Often, this is achieved by the unexpected shift in meaning of words. It could also be a change asof the sense of words or sentence into a different form. Tropes offer this unexpected shift in literal works creating different…
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Project 5
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Download file to see previous pages Hyperbole refers to exaggerations beyond the reality, or beyond the realms of what is logically probable (Corbett 5). Hyperbole is meant to emphasize or as earlier mentioned create strong impression. An example of this kind of this device in a sentence would be as follows. “I have ton of homework to complete by evening.” Litotes can also be used to show emphasis. This is usually an understatement of what is meant by the words. For example, one can say that a situation is “not that bad”. This could still mean that the situation is excellent.
An appropriate example of a trope under this category is metaphor. Metaphors enable readers to see the relationship between various objects. Metaphors involve making direct comparisons between different objects having one or more of similar characteristic (Corbett 13). An example in a sentence is “your voice is music to my ears”. Here, the reader can be able to see the connection between the two things compared. Music brings joy or happiness, as the same case with the voice.
Some tropes enable the reader make comparisons of one thing to another. Similes are commonly used to make comparisons using words such as “like” or “as”. The objects may not necessarily be alike. The only requirement is that they must share a similar characteristic. An example in a sentence would be “her dress was red like a rose flower” or “he was slow as a snail”. In the later example, the common similarity shared among the two is the quality of being slow.
Some tropes are used just to create a comic effect in the literary work. Irony is one of the literary devices used to create a comic effect. In some cases, irony is combined with other devices such as satire to bring out humor. Irony involves using words which are intended to give a totally different meaning – in most cases used to give the opposite meaning (Corbett 15). In literary works, authors may apply situational or dramatic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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