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Causes and Effects of Workplace Romances - Essay Example

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This essay discusses the reasons of workplace romances and relationships. As a fact, many cases have been reported in concern to workplace romances. These cases are prevalent, there is a need to look at the probable causes of romance at the workplace. …
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Download file to see previous pages However, office romances have scores of negative implications at the workplace. First, office romances lead to sexual harassment and discrimination. At times, the employers discriminate other employees, who have a negative perception about office romances. Secondly, romances at the office may lead to favoritism. This is where the employers and managers favor the partners in romantic relationships while neglecting other employees. In many instances, the demands of some people are prioritized, rather than prioritizing demands of all the employees. Thirdly, romances at the office lead to distraction. The workers involved in a romantic relationship at the office have minute focus and concentration on their job. Apparently, they concentrate on propagating their romantic relations, rather than facing the ostensible task. This may lead to dismal performance, as the job is not a priority in such places. Fourthly, romances at the workplace may have an effect on the morale of other workers. For example, envy from other employees may affect the working relations at the workplace.
In conclusion, romances at the office are prevalent. Many people are involved due to various causative factors. Family life, environment, and personal interests initiate romances at the office. However, a number of effects can be cited. This includes unprofessional conduct, lowered productivity due to distraction and envy among workers. Although romances at the office can enhance working relations between two people, the negative effects are dire. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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