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Discuss the significance of the endi ng of The Glass Menagerie , in terms of symbols, characters, and themes - Essay Example

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A family where a woman with two children struggles to balance her life with fantasy, a daughter who is handicapped and a son who wanders to find…
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Discuss the significance of the endi ng of The Glass Menagerie , in terms of symbols, characters, and themes
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Extract of sample "Discuss the significance of the endi ng of The Glass Menagerie , in terms of symbols, characters, and themes"

Download file to see previous pages The mother is trying to compensate the shortcomings in her life by thinking of her good old days. Amanda says “What are we going to do, what is going to become of us, what is the future?" ( Williams ) All the characters are forcing themselves to escape from the reality as her daughter Laura is illussioned by glass works while son wanders along in frustration.
In the climax, we can see that characters come at different points of struggling. The climax has lot of significance because people in the story change their choices and preferences to make their life better. Tom who is the son of Amanda decides to use the money he have for his purpose instead of paying electric bill of house. He thinks to leave his family in search of an adventure to break off from family struggle and start a life of his own. In the end also the dreams of Laura changes as Jim announces his engagement. He then breaks the horn of her glass unicorn in mistake which was gifted by Laura. When Jim announces that he is engaged it destroys the chance of eliminating the self doubt and shyness of Laura. We can see that this incident has brought a mental and emotional trauma in Laura and Amanda.
When Amanda hears the news of Jim getting engaged, she loses the hope of her daughter getting popularity and social standing. She related this to her experience where she also lost a chance to come up in social circle of life. In the end, we can see that all the hopes and desires of characters fall apart and show how illusion and fantasies can spoil our life. Amanda says “I’ll tell you what I wished for on the moon. Success and happiness for my precious children! I wish for that whenever there’s a moon, and when there isn’t a moon, I wish for it, too." (Williams ).Tom not paying the bills shows that the he is frustrated with his family. Amanda has a change ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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