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He media present news differently depending on the ideology of each company - Term Paper Example

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News organizations especially the printed media like newspapers, are the so-called fourth estate whose influence and contributions to society are not generally recognized. It is the main responsibility of news media organizations to present the news fairly and squarely, without…
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Download file to see previous pages is a hint of consistently presenting news stories in a certain way, or favorable to a particular viewpoint, or how the news is slanted to fit a political agenda or the wishes of the owners but often never to give the news straight to the viewers, readers, and the consuming public the news as it is. The general perception is that most journalists hold left-of-center views on a number of social issues such as abortion, gay rights, gun rights, affirmative action, race issues, and environmental issues, to name just a few. Even the selection and exclusion of news stories can reflect this bias.
Media outlets and news organizations are composed of people; it is the perception most journalists generally hold liberal or progressive (leftist) views on a good number of social issues as mentioned above, but are more conservative when it comes to economic issues, and with a majority of them holding the centrist position when it comes to political orientations. In other words, majority of media organizations have left-of-center leanings not mainly because of any or conscious intention of being left on the political spectrum but it just happened by a coincidence most like-minded individuals ended up choosing the same profession which is in the news room. Whatever, the attitudes of journalists are reflected in their news coverage to a liberal direction.
The way a media organization presents the news can be illustrated by its coverage of big news events. An example of this was the just-recently concluded Asian tour of President Obama which took him to four countries, namely Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, and the Philippines. It is a revealing way by which a news media outlet presents this particular news coverage and its own interpretation of its significance to American global supremacy, especially on foreign policies. A careful reading of the news story in a particular media outlet and the background of that outlet will show how its coverage, opinion, and presentation of that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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He Media Present News Differently Depending on the Ideology of Each Term Paper.
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