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Shanghais Education System - Essay Example

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The essay "Shanghai’s Education System" analyzes Shanghai’s education system which leaves a lot to be admired and emulated by countries hoping to come up with better education for their economic prosperity. Mechanisms in Shanghai schools can be attributed to students exemplary performance…
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Shanghais Education System
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Download file to see previous pages Generally, Shanghai students have the confidence and zeal to work hard in achieving full potential. In disputing what had been termed as rote-learning in China’s education system, Shanghai students showed other skills that do not depend on cramming exams by demonstrating the application of knowledge learned in class in real life situation. A report showed that this was made possible given the fact that the teaching profession is highly valued in Shanghai. Teachers in Shanghai are well paid, offered opportunities to study abroad where they get the opportunity to learn from the best teachers and implement what they have learned in teaching back in schools in their country. It is, therefore, an indication that the Shanghai government values a teacher and is willing to invest in ensuring that students get the best teachers.Another factor that makes the Shanghai’s education system competitive to offer quality learning than most countries are the procedures and conditions put in place before a teacher begins to practice their profession. In Shanghai, teachers upon graduation have to undergo a further one and a half-year standardized training course before they can step in class to teach. They are also required to complete a 240-hour training in the first five years after qualification while in the profession. Apart from that, the teachers are required to attend each other's classes as a culture that reinforces the dissemination and sharing of ideas which creates positive competition. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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