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The Complexities of Love and Life- Connections in literature - Essay Example

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If this happens, what happens next is severe pain and sadness on the part of the bereaved. Based on the imagery and symbolism in the…
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The Complexities of Love and Life- Connections in literature
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Download file to see previous pages It is very difficult for a father to cry and they would often just take everything like funerals “in stride” but the mere fact that the father is visibly crying must have been such a moving scene. It is therefore a scene where one forgets about society’s conventions and just be true to one’s sentiments. The pain of the death of one’s child must have therefore been extraordinarily difficult even for a father. The mother is the same, her “angry tearless sighs” (13) indicating that she has no more tears to shed after perhaps crying terribly much. Moreover, the “hard blow” (6) and the fact that the boy is “paler” now (18) somehow illustrate both the painful and sentimental aspects of death. The boy must have been hit by a car and is now looking pale and lifeless. From the tears, one can see that this pain must have been extremely hard for the parents and the speaker to bear. In the same way, in Ransom’s poem, the imagery illustrates the pain of death, but rather in the form of vexation: “…we are ready/ In one house we are sternly stopped/ To say we are vexed at her brown study” (Ransom 17-19). This means that the people that the girl left behind may have been somehow pretending that she is still alive. Perhaps, they are too annoyed or “vexed” now because she remains stationary in her brown study or in hear dead state. Nevertheless, it is clear that the bereaved are merely in a state of denial, as they may still not be able to painfully digest the truth of their little girl’s death.
Imagery of death and sadness also abounds in Robert West’s “Early snowdrops.” In the poem, after recounting the names of young people who died early in their lives, the speaker is worried about her own children for they might have an accident early and might die. In the poem, imagery denoting death includes the line “each day must stab with random ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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