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Define hero. Why does our society insist upon elevating people to the rank of hero Is John Bradley a hero despite his insistence that he was not - Essay Example

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A hero can be defined as someone who in the face of adversity undertakes a brave, courageous, or bold sacrifice that results in the greater good of the community or humanity. The society insists on elevating individuals to hero status as a show of appreciation and an example for…
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Define hero. Why does our society insist upon elevating people to the rank of hero Is John Bradley a hero despite his insistence that he was not
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Extract of sample "Define hero. Why does our society insist upon elevating people to the rank of hero Is John Bradley a hero despite his insistence that he was not"

Download file to see previous pages James Bradley writes the book after stumbling upon a letter written by his father John Bradley to his parents describing the event as one of the happiest moments of his life (Bradley & Powers 4). The letter caused John to embark on a research that resulted in the book. John Bradley as the corpsman got tasked with trying to save the lives of the marines who fought the bloody battles in the field. As one of the three surviving men, John struggled to return and live a normal life as possible by choosing to become a funeral director and raise his family. John Bradley’s participation in the flag raising and war is in every angle a mark of true heroism despite his insistence that he was not.
John Bradley should be viewed and elevated to hero status as a result of his show of courage and sacrifice in representing his country in a risky and bloody battle that would have resulted in his death. Upon the death of his little sister Mary Ellen, Bradley enlisted into the navy as a funeral director with the hope of evading land battle. A quote from the book summarizes the sacrifice that was undertaken by these flag-raisers “behind them, in safe America, Bing Crosby sang of a white Christmas, just like the ones he used to know. Ahead lay a hot island of black sand, where many of them would ensure a long future of Christmases in America by laying down their lives” (Bradley & Powers 122). This proves the sacrifice that Bradley along with other participants of the war undertook to ensure the greater good of a future America. This show of devotion in representing his country in the slightest way possible shows that he was ready to die for his country. Not many people are willing to undertake such an act of heroism. To knowingly place one’s life under the direct threat of death requires guts, spirit, and strong will from an individual. To display such character often calls for unconventional thinking and acting. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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