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Success of the commercials depends on the approaches used. Burger king adopted various strategies based on advertisements tropes to cause awareness of its food products. The BK SEVEN INCHER is one of its…
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Option 3
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Download file to see previous pages The new burger consists of a seven inch burger served with some French fries and a medium glass of Coca Cola at a considerate price of $6.25. It has made the burger longer as compared to the previous ones to draw more customers. It has used hyperbole in its advertisement that is evident in the commercial picture. Hyperbole develops strong impressions of the potential customers creating suspense that leads to purchase. The trope has targeted the young generation due to the use of sexual desires in its contexts. Use of phrases such as ‘feel your desire with something long and juice...’ has been used to portray sexual scenes (Nudd). The picture also reveals a seven-inch burger with a woman’s mouth wide open. The burger seems so big that it cannot fit into her mouth and a ‘dirty minded person’ is bound to think of something more sexual. Young women and teenage girls have been represented in the advertisement due to the sexual appeals of the long seven-inch burger. Burger King has used this fact to portray the large size of the Burger. Most modern day commercials have adopted the use of sexual desires because research has proved that sexuality tend to seek more attention.
Teenagers have been targets using sexual appeals due to their experiences from school lectures. Moreover, they are also addicted to junk foods as compared to adults. They form the larger share of the population and are frequent visitors of fast food chains such as Burger King. The use of hyperbole to describe the seven-incher has attracted more teenagers since it has given a different impression of the burger. Most teenagers are subject to impulse buying that do not require making of rational decisions. Awareness can also be caused through sharing of experiences. Teenagers also tend to have the same tastes and preferences when it comes to matters of food and diet. Sharing of information about the burger maybe done using social networks such as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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