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Abraham Maslow’s theory of motivation that human are primarily motivated to satisfy their hierrachy of needs applies not only in the workplace but also in our daily lives as well. His theory of motivation is based on mechanical progression of transcendence where each stage…
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Analysis Writing
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"Analysis Writing"

Download file to see previous pages The last trait of his hierarchy of needs is self-actualization which serves as the pinnacle of human character’s highest inner traits such as our capacity to love, spirituality, to create and to have compassion. Although this was not empirically verified by Maslow himself, this theory of his about motivation still stands today (Goodman 1968).
According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need, our needs motivate us to do the things that we do. The five levels of motivation of Abraham Maslow are physiological need, safety need, social need, esteem need and self-actualization need. The physiological needs are the physical needs that we need to satisfy in order to live such as eating when we are hungry, drinking when we are thirsty. Our safety needs on the other hand are our need to feel safe and secure and will act accordingly to this need when we are threatened to preserve ourselves. Our love needs are our need for belonging and love. People who have not satisfied this need will feel isolated and lonely. Self-esteem needs are the need to feel good about ourselves and this comes in the form of respect and how others perceive us. Finally, the self-actualization need which is the most complex of all is to the need to satisfy our need to be fulfilled whose methods could range in a lot of things from satisfying our aesthetic need, growth needs or plainly doing the things that we love and feel good about in doing it (Hoffman 1992).
Applying these principles to some elements of my life, knowledge and experience, I can relate this to my present stature as a student. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs can help solve some basic issues in my daily life such as procrastination and the understanding why I do things the way I do and make me better as a person by understanding myself more. I can apply here why I tend to procrastinate in doing some projects and admittedly, including studying and other school works.
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