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The Debate on Lowering the Drinking Age - Essay Example

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It seems preposterous to think that just because the 21 year old age drinking limit cannot be effectively enforced, the solution would be to lower the drinking age. The proposed solution depends on the notion that by merely lowering the drinking age, then young adults would…
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The Debate on Lowering the Drinking Age
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The Debate on Lowering the Drinking Age

Download file to see previous pages... The article in CBS News stated the problem clearly. Teenagers are engaging in beer binges at an alarming rate. Underage drinking is so prevalent that it is already the norm. Even university presidents seemed to give up on the issue that it cannot be stop but can only be contained (2009). As a result of excessive underage drinking, deaths and accidents are on the continuous rise. Apparently, death among young adults that is alcohol related is not only due to drunk driving as what the age 21 drinking limit is trying to avoid but by other causes as well. As the article has stated, strict enforcement on the working age never worked. It only pushed underage drinking further underground. Banning it altogether also did not work because underage drinkers always find a way to have their alcohol. It even estimated that out of 2,000 violations, there are only 2 convictions that resulted from strict enforcement.
Convicting the violators is also not a solution to the problem. Even if we assume for the sake of discussion that all 2,000 violators will be convicted, underage drinking will still not stop. Again, it will only push underage drinking further underground making it more dangerous. It will become more dangerous because underage drinkers will tend to make the most of the opportunity to drink alcohol without any regulators or parents around to moderate drinking.
The problem about underage drinking is not the incorrect age limit to drink. It involves a bigger and more complex issue. It is a problem of indulgence and addiction more than the legal issue of incorrectly stating the correct drinking age at 21 years old. This explains why I am against at lowering the drinking age because it will not only solve the problem but can even potentially aggravate it. With the current culture of indulgence and addition, lowering the drinking age, say to age 18 or 17 may be even perceived as an encouragement. That instead of stopping or ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Lowering The Legal Age of Drinking
This essay shows that some advocates forcefully argue that teenagers who are permitted to vote and bleed for their country must also be allowed to enjoy one or two beers. At the same time, opponents point to a reported increase in binge drinking among adolescents as an obvious cause for not reducing the MLDA.
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Why Drinking Age Should Be Lowered by Ruth C. Engs
The author of the article cited above legalization of drinking within the young people in public places would reduce their task in the enforcement of the law and that they can focus on other problems. The issue of drinking, including the effects and consequences in the young adult transcends to the most basic element of the society which is the family.
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Argumentative Essay
Discrimination The issue of discrimination is a crucial determinant that calls for the lowering of then legal drinking The factors, in this case, relate to the past and the ages of our fore fathers and their drinking habits In the early days, anyone was allowed to drink regardless of his or her age (Spiess) In modern times it creates a society in which the youth are discriminated against in the country The youngsters have as much right as any other human adult to take his or her drinking seriously without any inhibitions II.
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This is, however, ironic in that shooting an individual is also a crime. Guns serve a protective purpose to those that possess them in that they act as deterrents for criminal behavior towards and against other members of society. For example, should a burglar break into the house of a person who owns a gun, then it would be an easy task to overcome the burglar despite any form of weapons he or she might be carrying (Codrea).
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Change/lowering Drinking age
Drinking or the consumption of alcohol is one of the legal issues, because it comes with legal implications. Because of this, the legal drinking age is the age at which an individual can purchase or/ and consume alcoholic food or/ and alcoholic beverage. The law on alcohol consumption may vary among countries or there may be exemptions and special circumstances in these laws.
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Lowering the Drinking Age
The advocates of such a move argue that people who are allowed to vote and fight for the country at the age of eighteen need to be permitted to enjoy a beer or two at this age. The proponents of lowering the drinking age place their strong arguments in the most persuasive manner while the opponents of this view have their strong arguments ready to attack such a view in favour of lowering the drinking age.
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Persuasive Speech about Lowering the drinking age
I. Attention-getter: The drinking age in USA must be reduced because it is discriminative, as it denies those who are otherwise responsible people the opportunity of taking alcohol because of their age. Therefore, the age should be reduced so that it includes those people
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Lowering the drinking age
However, other stakeholders support law amendments to accommodate drinking at the age of eighteen since the youth are mature and
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Minimum Legal Drinking Age Debate
This essay discusses that minimum Legal Drinking Age is a controversial topic in the United States. The MLDA in the United States is set at the age of 21 whereas 90 percent of the countries around the world have set lower MLDAs. Interestingly young adults in the countries that have lower MLDA seem to consume alcohol in a more proper way.
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