Discuss the impact of industrialization in 18th century Britain - Essay Example

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It wasn’t just making the lives of people easier through technological advancements but this Industrialization started to penetrate in social economic and cultural aspect of the British life. It…
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Discuss the impact of industrialization in 18th century Britain
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"Discuss the impact of industrialization in 18th century Britain"

Download file to see previous pages This was an encouraging wave for everyone around as they started to invest more, search more, invent more and got involved in much more economic activities than the past history.
During the 18th century, through industrialization, the average income increased to over 10-folds especially in Great Britain. This was due to the ingenious inventions of machine based manufacturing that put the manual labor to rest and saved time and animal labor. This increased the rate of mining, textile production and helped in revolutionizing iron making methods. This industrial growth helped in creating trade routes within the country and outside of Great Britain during the 18th Century. The industry of railways and roads then went on a boom as through steam engines that helped in having faster trade as well as elevated the production, which helped in creating more jobs and more income for the people of Britain. 1
As people mostly wanted to live near their jobs, the concept of Urbanization then occurred and housing started to become more modified and work oriented. As the communication structure through roads was still going under the industrialization phase, people needed to be near to their jobs for faster access and more productivity.
Mentally and socially, industrialization had a larger impact. While British public was starting to grow the malnutrition was becoming a problem. With having life expectancy of 35 year before the industrialization era, this Malthusian trap was then soon recovered through better agricultural practice and the life expectancy was increased to 40-45 years of age.
Socially the per capita income through many other jobs increased and people around Britain started to live a prosperous life as compared to the 17th Century. Now having better housing facilities as compared to when people lived in shanties and shacks, this changed the people who moved into the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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