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Comparing and Contrasting: of English Language and Lack of English Words - Essay Example

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An essay "Comparing and Contrasting: of English Language and Lack of English Words" reports that his assignment was to call people to the task of thinking clearly by using the language appropriately.  He gave several rules to assist and protect writers from incorrect use of language…
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Comparing and Contrasting: of English Language and Lack of English Words
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Extract of sample "Comparing and Contrasting: of English Language and Lack of English Words"

Download file to see previous pages The two are articles were mainly concerned with the English language as a tool of communication, and the effect of language misuse. The two were also written to raise a voice to make English a better language in communication. The two articles were written for the different audience and hence different tones. According to George, inaccurate language comes as a result of insincerity while according to Virginia; language problem in illness is as a result of the negligence of illness topics. The two articles can be said to describe a deficiency in the English language as a result of a weak education system in literature and media influence. George’s concern was mainly language quality while Virginia’s concern was lack of words to describe feelings which come with illness. “On being ill” lack of words is described as “poverty of the language” (Woolf 11). The author said that it could only take a strong person to put down the illness language problem (Woolf 10). She also gave an example and said, “but let a sufferer try to describe a pain in his head to a doctor and at once language runs dry” (Woolf 11).This clearly shows the desperation of patients in their attempts to express their pain. George gave a scenario where the wrong use of English becomes meaningless. He gave five examples to explain the bad habits in English language use. From the examples, he drew out various inaccurate uses of English such as dying metaphors, operators or verbal false limbs, pretentious diction (Orwell 3) and meaningless words (Orwell 4). Both articles were concerned with giving a solution to the language problem. George’s article advised that people could only avoid using poor language if only they started thinking clearly. As a result, use of correct language ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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