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I don't have any topic, you have to choose the topic and write it please - Essay Example

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Nervous breakdown is a non clinical term, used for reporting a severe timely stage of a specific disorder that evident chiefly with characteristics of depression or anxiety ( Excessive stress is a big causative agent of "nervous breakdowns." This stress…
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I dont have any topic, you have to choose the topic and write it please
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Download file to see previous pages Many students are feeling lots of prospects from their family and school to achieve the best position and marks. Students are afraid by feeling pessimistic during exams, such condition draw them into the exam stress and then nervous breakdown.
Exam stress is a genuine problem for many students. The signs of stress can be exposed in various ways.  Common signs of exam stress include Nausea, headaches, continuous sleepiness, violence, depression, excess drinking, eating or smoking and some time chest pains also (Crystal). The exam seasons always bearing lots of stress clouds for the students which frightens them every time. Mainly the exam stress acquired by the students, who are anxious of not being able to revise entire syllabus earlier than the exam time and worried to get good result in the exams.
Many research studies have done by various scientist and institutions each year to identified the ratio of nervous breakdown among children. According to the children’s commissioner, half of 8 to 17 year aged students are anxious about their educational performances (Loveys). Freshly a study from the University and College Counsellors Association came which developed a worrying conclusion that the psychological fitness of students has considered to be inferior to the general population.  The research revealed that, “30% to 50% of students experience shifting phases of anxiety and depression.” Manchester University estimated the result of a survey that 53% of students had anxiety at a pathological level.  Exam stress thought to be the main cause which linked with the today’s fashion, moved towards perfectionism culture (Crystal).
Dr Maggie Atkinson said that the youngsters acquired great pressure to attained good marks and exam ranks by their ambitious parents as well as schools (Loveys). Vicki Abeles commented on the issue of educational stress that today’s educational system is not generating independent thinkers which will ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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