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Blood Knot by Athol Fugard - Essay Example

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In Athol Fugard’s play, Blood Knot, he tells a story of two brothers: one who has a dark complexion, Zach, and the other who has a light complexion, Morris. Both are working on bettering their futures one day. They have a dream of having their own farm in which both brothers…
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Blood Knot by Athol Fugard
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Download file to see previous pages When Zach begins to write a letter to his pen pal, they both realize she is white, and blacks cannot speak with whites. Zach’s pen pal, Ethel, had written that she wanted to meet him. Zach buys a suit, with their savings, and asks Morris to go meet Ethel, in his stead. Zach decides to ask this of Morris because his complexion is light enough to pass as white.  Prior to Morris coming to live with Zach, Morris in fact had lived the life of a White African.  More change occurs when Ethel decides to get married. Zach and Morris spent their savings on a suit they will never use.
The live performance of the play, Blood Knot, enriched the text in many ways, such as through the stage setting, movement of characters, and the use of stage props. When I first looked at the stage, what grabbed my attention was the stage setting and how it so economically portrayed the living condition of both characters. When the play began, the movement of the characters was exactly the same as I had imagined, while reading the text but, as the story unfolded, I was no longer able to see the movement of each character in the same way I had imagined when I read it. Some of the props grabbed my attention because I was unfamiliar with them, even though I could identify them. The performance of Blood Knot did enhance the storyline and content of this play.
Performance enriched the story by bringing the relationship of Zach and Morris to life. Watching their interaction directly gave a better their understanding of how they treated one another and cared for one another. I gained another view of the story when Zach began to talk about women. I saw the changes in Morris’ attitude. By watching his expression, I came to know that either he had a terrible experience with women, or that women in general were not his goal.
I could see that Morris felt sorry about Minnie not coming over. after he had begun living with Zach. Zach feels as if his freedom has disappeared, since women and Minnie ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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