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Burro Genius - Essay Example

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However, this is one of the common errors made by many in the society. We normally do better when it comes to the intellectual side, but emotionally we fail…
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Burro Genius
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Download file to see previous pages The one belief they instill in the child is that one should not lose perspective in order to excel or make progress in life.
As a little boy aged six, I used to be extremely playful and forgetful at the same time. One day after school, I happened to bump into my toy as I was approaching my room, without thinking twice I dropped my bag, picked my toy and started playing with it. The game became more attractive, and I ended up in the garage, back in the house my little sister came across my bag, started playing with it and ended up messing with my homework. Since I had nobody to blame but myself, it meant I had to inform my mother so that she can go and explain to the teacher for me to get the homework. This situation also applies to Victor’s case, which left the car windows opened, and ended up with a cloth full of feathers. He learned that one does not need to be angry for every mistake one make nor does he need to look for someone blame for not correcting his mistakes for him but, embrace the mistake and work towards ensuring that it does not happen again. By helping me out on explaining to the teacher what happened to my initial homework, my mother instilled the lesson that helped me learn that no one is perfect, and people are not gauged on mistakes they made but how well they progress after the mistake. The thesis of this paragraph is, just like Victor no one is perfect not even parents, but the best thing they do is ensuring that the same mistake does not happen again (Villasenor p56).
My mother was doing some work on a computer one night at home, being a mother of two she had to hop from one task to another. Since, my sister was still too young, and she required much attention she had to juggle from looking after her, cooking for all of us as well as finish the work she had on the computer. In the process of juggling, she had to leave the computer open, as I was passing around the house I ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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