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Was Jimmy John Liautaud just lucky or his business style enough to guarantee success in today's corporate world - Essay Example

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Jimmy who was the founder, after finishing and graduating from Elgin academy his father gave him an opportunity to join military, join college…
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Was Jimmy John Liautaud just lucky or his business style enough to guarantee success in todays corporate world
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Download file to see previous pages One of the major contributions to John success was low level of competition. In those days, people had not ventured in business. John therefore, took Cultural Revolution that was taking place at that time to conquer the market. People were moving away from gender segregation that was characterized by division of gender roles to an economy that all genders participated in the development of the economy. People were therefore starting to use fast foods as a result of changing family roles. Therefore, his quick response in taking up the new opportunity that arose made him to prosper in business (Corbus & Guertin, 2007)
The success of any business depends on the owner’s ability to take risks and work towards overcoming these risks. This is to be supported by personal interest and commitment towards achieving the set goals. John was dedicated to prosper in his business as he spent much of his time strategizing on the best opportunity to undertake in order to prosper in the future (Corbus & Guertin, 2007, 20). Business attitude is the key to success of the business and this is the one that made John take the loan that was given by his father rather than joining the military
John success was mainly spearheaded by his originality. Currently, many entrepreneurs are concerned at photocopying other people ideas and try to modify these ideas to suit their interest. As a result, high competition has increased as entrepreneurs are trying to outdo each other. This was not the case with John. Despite lack of specialization in business related sector, he knew that the only way to enter and segment his own market is coming up with a new product. This helped him to position the product in the market and get financial strength before other competitors entered the market (Corbus & Guertin, 2007, 22).
In the current days, business transaction has recorded tremendous changes as a result of increased risks and uncertainties that face the sector. This has ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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