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However, there is a very small percentage of cases where the children are eventually found dead. Unfortunately for the Orlando area, Caylee…
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Extra Credit Assignment
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"Extra Credit Assignment"

Download file to see previous pages People in Orlando began to believe the media reports randomly, although most of them were not entirely based on actual facts, this essay attempts to examine the background and effects of Casey Anthony trial in relation to Orlando.
The disappearance and death of a girl child Caylee Anthony received high media attention and triggered off considerable legal debate in USA. Afterwards, the trial of Casey Anthony (mother of Caylee) attracted significant coverage in social, national, and international media. On 18th July, 2008, Cindy Anthony (grandmother of Caylee) reported that her granddaughter had gone missing. Almost five months later, Caylee’s skeleton was found in a jungle area in proximity to the family home. Subsequently, Casey Anthony was charged of having murdered her daughter and a rigorous trial began. The prosecution charged Casey of first degree murder and sought death penalty for her (Fuhrman, 3). However, the jury did not find Casey guilty for child abuse and murder. But it was held that she had given misleading information to the police in connection to the case. Hence, she was given a ruling of four years in prison and a total fine of $4000 was charged. Finally, she was released on 17th July, 2011 due to good behavior and the credit for the time already served.
The case of Casey had profound effects on the international and national media and public opinion. Therefore, in Orlando area too, the trial had an effect that could be deeply felt. Could a mother murder her two and a half years old child? How can one murder a child in such a cruel way? How is the society at large responsible for what happened? The questions that loomed in the air were uneasy to answer. Quoting from Fuhrman (2), the developments can be explained in the following way:
“This is the story of how the media create alternate realities that serve their quest for ratings, while the criminal investigation that might solve the case is all but derailed. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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