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The Lesson From a Mistake at the Working Plays - Essay Example

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This paper illustrates with two specific experiences one of which was a ‘mistake’ and the other, a case of listening and following the inner voice. The lesson that I learned from a mistake is not to kill instinct and intuition, which are so much a part of any entrepreneur worth his salt…
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The Lesson From a Mistake at the Working Plays
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Download file to see previous pages Aptly enough, this response follows the previously related incidents and has continuity with them. Before joining my present job, I worked for four years in a couple of comfortable jobs in international banking. They had all the fun of high profile jobs – a lot of traveling around the world, meeting different people, analyzing business plans, balance sheets, preparing due diligence reports, etc. The jobs offered security, good pay and perks and a clear path for career progression. But somewhere something was amiss and I was not enjoying my position as one should. Perhaps, I was craving for opportunities to find job satisfaction in terms different than cold financial facts and figures. My mind was then wavering - whether to continue or quit and join the family business. No one in my family felt that I should join the funeral services business, which even they agree, was not the first choice for many. I had to make my own choice and act. It was difficult but I am glad that I took the right decision. I have listened to the inner voice that prompted me to find my vocation in the unconventional but promising funeral business and make a difference. It is a business intimately about people needing service in times of their great personal loss and requiring empathy and sensitivity. In other words, I have to meet the challenge of running a business and expanding it into new horizons, based completely upon one factor that would make me stand out from the crowd – service quality. I have accepted this challenge when I decided to quit the banking job and plunged myself wholeheartedly into my new role. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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