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We are required to design our logic circuit using BOOELEAN algebra, and we use His theory to design 4 alarm systems, such as; burglar, water, fire and system. Student decided to design our finish design is a super…
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Home Security alarm system
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Download file to see previous pages We are required to research home alarm systems available in the market, investigate and understand conditions that may results in activating an alarm, develop a smarter home alarm system using digital technology, draw a circuit diagram (preferably using computer software) that will assist in building the circuit, develop a test strategy to demonstrate the operation of your circuit, produce a team written technical report, reflect on process from start to finish in regards to the alarm circuit, in an individual written exercise. For all the requirement we need to use our math, science and problem solving skills to solve the problem. We approach the problem by designing the new simple circuit using BOOELEAN algebra to do all tree such as logic expression, truth table and logic circuit. We build our circuit use our circuit diagram to demonstrate the operation of our circuit to the supervisor. Once the circuit is operated successfully, we decide to compile a report clearly explaining the steps taken to approach this problem, the final design of the circuit of home security alarm system and the diagram we used as part of the process as well as verifying our calculation and finding through the MATLAB programing software.
As part of our investigation, we discuss our plan of action prior to attending a digital electronic work of home alarm system and discuss how our team would proceed with the information and details already available to us.
The aims of the report include the research, analysis, design and construction of the alarm circuit. The other issue is to come up with a detailed description of the system hereby designed. The project aims at discovering possibilities putting in place home security as well as a wide research, observed from already existing designs. Research of alarms in the marketplace which perform different tasks is also analysed. Schematic and block diagrams showing the functionality of the design work ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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