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Control & instrumentation engineering - Lab Report Example

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Most industries use programmable logic controllers in their automation process. One advantage is the reduction in cost of production with an increased quality of output, hence reliability. Washing machines can also…
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Control & instrumentation engineering
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Download file to see previous pages Also, the machine runs on all types of quality of clothes and has no effect on the lower quality It is also assumed that the input from the environment is the same for different environmental conditions with a constant room temperature of 25degrees Celsius. The control program is also assumed to be an open loop control system where by the input data is generated from sensors within the machine, thus errors that might occur due to the incorrect measurements are accounted for within the control Laplace transforms equation. His allows for a smooth operation with little disruptions from the interrupts to the system as a result of input values. The open nature of the control loop subjects the system to technical errors such as the continuous gain in the systems hence the project assumes they are accounted for by the Laplace transform equation.
The program is expected to respond in real time to changes in the variables from its environment. Once the door is opened, no response is expected until the door is closed and a start button is pressed where the start and locked led lights are automatically switched on. This is a response from the input and a state indicator of the processing activity. All the buttons are linked through a PLC link and act as sensors in this project where the user determines the exact input values. Automatically the machine picks up the signal to switch the hot valve and the tub fillings function. The output is documented by the lighting of the light emitting diodes on machine display panel. An input to show that the liquid sensor detector indicates the tub is full and turns on a light emitting diodesindicating the tub is half full. However, in a manual setting the sensor runs automatically sending a signal to the open loop control system.
After a set time expected of the final washing machine the tub full button is pressed which allows for the signal to change and show a tub full signal and subsequently initiating a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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