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The writer of this essay discusses personal reflection on his learning profile. In his first class of mathematics, it was pretty challenging but he ended gaining numerous ideas which were completely new to him. This aided his perception of the subject and added his interest in the subject of mathematics…
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My Interest in the Subject of Mathematics
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Download file to see previous pages Mathematics, as they say, has always been a sore point in my life. If I remember correctly, as a little child I cried a river of tears more than I care to count, especially since I used to experience problems in counting and counting being part of mathematics made it even harder. The moment anyone, be it the teacher or a student, begins to spout numbers at me then it was rapidly becoming my habit to shut down. I used to experience a difficult time in completing basic addition and subtraction sums as my perception were that math was difficult. As my memory’s ability to store information was also not that good, I used to count my fingers and toes to get the answers to the simplest of the arithmetic questions posed at me and it was becoming embarrassing and tedious. Moreover, this was further worsened by the fact that I did not train as I was expected to both inside and outside my math classroom mainly because I hated the subject with a zeal. When my parents realized this, there was nothing they could do to make me do better at math rather they decided to push me to learn multiplication and division by drilling me over and over again.
As a freshman at Binghamton University, my earlier experiences have made the understanding and application of threshold concept a bit easy. To start with is my newly developed interest in mathematics which came to light and boomed exponentially during my junior high school immediately after taking the Calculus AB class. For example, my teacher Luba Goldenberg taught us to visualize instead of memorizing during the first day of the class. This proved to be my eye-opener. Later on, she said that she would like to give us the trig quiz which asked about the answer to Sin 11π over 6. She also mentioned to us to try to answer each question in three seconds. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(My Interest in the Subject of Mathematics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 1)
My Interest in the Subject of Mathematics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 1.
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