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EARLY YEARS Numeracy-Investigation of Approaches to Calculation - Essay Example

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The ages of such young children vary from just being three to four years and above. The local policies targeting school entry varies across the country. Some student may…
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EARLY YEARS Numeracy-Investigation of Approaches to Calculation
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"EARLY YEARS Numeracy-Investigation of Approaches to Calculation"

Download file to see previous pages ception class, reception teachers should be able to consider the information gained through assessment and observation and utilization of records passed on from playgroup and nurseries. The paper aims at investigating the approaches used to teach mathematics in the reception class.
Reception teachers should be able to identify the student’s needs especially the ones who need additional support. Reception teachers use a variety of activities to help teach mathematics. Children are made to observe pattern and numbers in the environment and daily routines. The children can also take part in board games and small constructions (Bruce and Martin, 2002). The use of finger games, songs and stories help the students to memorize mathematical numbers. Shopping and cooking, outdoor playing, imaginative play and two and three dimensional work activities help students understand mathematic concepts in the reception class.
Arguments have often ensued on various approach of teaching mathematics with respect to pedagogical debate targeting socio constructivism and behaviorism. Socio- constructivism is influenced by quasi empirical philosophies while behaviorism is influenced by foundationalist conception. Teaching mathematics to the reception class by utilizing rote learning is like directing an immutable body of knowledge and ideas to the students with an intention of making them understand without basing on reasoning. However, teaching mathematics in the reception class through application of the constructive approach makes mathematics a creative, cultural and creative activity and ensures learners are able to construct their own mathematical knowledge despite their different methodology (Guardiola et al, 2010). Relational understanding approach is applied in teaching mathematics in the reception class since it promotes understanding among the learners. Use of images such as the base ten apparatus and empty number line together with use of models in teaching mathematics in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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EARLY YEARS Numeracy-Investigation of Approaches to Calculation Essay.
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